ut astrum infinitus: to the stars inifinite (Latin)

My first memory of music was when I was 4 and the song Phantom of the Opera, theme song to the same-named Broadway musical, started to play on the radio, 96.3 WQXR, the classical station.

My family kept a stand-up piano in the living room because my older brother took lessons. I remember walking over to it, lifting the lid carefully, and tinkling along in tune to the song.

I started taking lessons and continued in them until I was 17. I played recitals, concerts, competitions, did the whole bit really. I picked up the violin in middle school, conducted band in high school, and it felt like a foregone conclusion that I would attend college for music performance.

As you know, plans rarely survive contact with reality. A number of things occurred, but in short, I wanted to compose and conduct more than perform; I did not major in music in college; my performing days are a thing of the past.

All said, you never really lose your first love.

In 2012, I started this project to recapture a bit of that love: trolling the interwebs in search new samples, acoustic versions, anything I could pipe into my studio headphones. Some times, all I needed was just five seconds and I would know if I loved a song or not.

There is nothing quite like that feeling when that right note hits and your body feels a chill run from your spine to your toes… Every single time it still thrills me.

Dare I say, it feels like something infinite?